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At Rainbow’s End: First Draft Highlights

16 Jan

It’s not a 50k NaNo feat or anything, but I finished something, at least? 😉 Now I’m starting on the revisions, hurray. Like, for starters, adding a prologue – which seemed oddly missing now that I’ve read the entire first draft.

Some statistics…

First Draft Completion Date: 13 January 2013

Word Count: 16,995

Chapters: 18

Pages: 64 (in MS Word, Times New Roman size 12, only 5% formatted)

And now it’s time for some quotes. I mean, it’s obligatory, right? Haha.

Here’s something from Part I:

Odie: ‘Coz you’re mostly quiet and keep your thoughts to yourself. Not that it’s a bad thing. Some girls find mystery attractive.

Aaron: You know me. I just… don’t really like opening up.

Odie: I know. Polar opposite to me. I cry in front of strangers. You don’t see me for more than a year and the first thing I do is be an audiobook on a failed romance.

And a slightly spoilerish (but well-intentioned!) bit, from Part II:

“There is a fine line,” the man started to explain, “between life and death.”

He introduced himself as Daniel, and proceeded to tell Aaron the most ridiculous story he’d ever heard.

They were in Dormindo Cidade, the Sleeping City. The “fine line” between life and death. The domain for those who had died but yet to pass on.

In Aaron’s case, for those who should have died.

And something light, from Part III:

Clark, that evening, brought her dinner.

“You might want to know,” he started, “that Renard called a couple of times to check on you.”

Odie, who’d been angry at her ex, softened somewhat. “And?”

“We slammed the phone on him.” Clark grinned. “All nine times.”


He was confused. “What? I thought you hated the guy?”

Revisions are ongoing, but I’ll be sure to pitch in an update every now and then. 🙂