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Spanish Language Misadventures, Part I: I Don’t Know If This Will Work, But I’ll Try To Read A Book

30 May

Before this year began I’d already decided to brush up on my Spanish, but I haven’t had the time until today to browse through online lessons and whatnot. Then I thought of how it’s always been easier for me to retain something I’ve learned by putting it into use, and how I’ve been debating on rereading a certain series, so… call me crazy, but I’m doing this! Hahaha.

The book in question?

El ladrón del rayo
Percy Jackson y los dioses del Olimpo – 1

Ah, nothing like a book I’ve already read (in English) and also one of my favorites. And I’d figured that, with its writing style, it should be a little easier to comprehend compared to other more “adult” novels.

A brief history on my Spanish: I’m not a native speaker, but our native dialect draws a lot from Spanish, given that our country was under Spanish rule for 300 years. The only formal lesson I’ve had, however, was a 3-unit course in college, around 6 years ago. I’ve had previous attempts to get back to studying the language, but I haven’t been as serious as I am now.

So anyway, I flipped to the first chapter, and this was what greeted me:

Capitulo 1
Pulverizo accidentalmente a mi profesora de introducción al álgebra

Okay. Hmm. “Chapter 1, I accidentally pulverize my professor in introductory algebra.” Maybe I’m doing this too literally. Haha.

Mira, yo no quería ser mestizo.

Oh, boy. This is going to take me a long time to finish.