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Alternate Choices and the Roads Not Taken

4 Sep

Have you ever thought about the crossroads in your life, and what would have happened if you made the other choice? How different do you think things would have been for you? What would you be like? Your friends? Your relationships?

Joie and I were musing about that around this time last year. We identified a decision point in our respective lives and made up stories about what we thought our alternate selves would have become based on those alternate choices. Would we have even met and become best of friends?

And that discussion inspired The Road Not Taken. It’s about a young careerwoman who finds herself living a different life – a life on the road not taken – after her 25th birthday. I think it’s fun to explore such themes, even if it’s definitely messy.

How about you guys? Ever had those kind of bumps in the road? Do you sometimes think about travelling (if it was possible) on those roads not taken? 🙂