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When The Lady Tries To Be A Dude

30 Jan

I know it’s a huge risk to write from a guy’s perspective if you’re a girl.

There’s a part of my novel that presents the story from the other side, and while I’ve finished the draft and I’m pretty satisfied by how it went so far (not too dramatic, considering, you know, it’s the guy POV)… I’m still having doubts if I should continue with it, or just revamp the entire part and shift it to some other girl. (Yes, I obviously can’t write that certain part in the female protagonist’s perspective.)

Incidentally – and this might help me make up my mind – I’ve started reading novel #8, Champagne Toast by Melissa Brown, and I’m elated to see the first chapter in the guy protagonist’s perspective. That’s something I’ve been looking for, and I’m glad to have come across this book. We’ll see. (And I blame my novel for my recent chick lit spree. I’d say I’m not quite turning into a sap yet, but on the contrary, I’ve always been a sap. Haha.)


Thoughts on “Other” Perspectives in Chick Lit

25 Jan

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is my #5 finish for this year’s self-imposed reading challenge. I’m not here to give a full, blow-by-blow review, although I have to say it was a fun read. I didn’t like it as much as Flat Out Love by Jessica Park, but still. 🙂

It just so happened that, along the way, I had two thoughts.

  1. Chick lit in the guy’s perspective, anyone? I mean, I know it’s called “chick” lit for a reason, but I just also happened to remember this little side story to Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy, which was in the point of view of the male protagonist. It would be kind of interesting, I think. (I wouldn’t really know if there’s ever been one written, because I’m not the chick lit type, although I do dabble in the genre on occasion.)
  2. How about the perspective of the other person in a love triangle? You see, Anna and the French Kiss is about a girl who is sent to a boarding school in Paris for American kids for her senior year in high school. There she meets with an American guy who knows a great deal of French but has a British accent, and they fall in love along the year. But the catch is, the said guy has a girlfriend. So I was brought to the thought. I mean, there’s a side to every story, right? What if we get to see that other side? (In this case it’s the third, since it’s a triangle.)

Just thinking out loud, that’s all. 🙂